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Unfilled Jobs

There are over 7 Million unfilled job positions across the country  

Unemployment Rate

Over 53.3% of Nigerians between the ages 18 and 35 are currently unemployed! Second highest globally.

Pathway to Employment

Tens of Millions of Nigerians do not have a clear pathway to employment

The Disconnect!


It is no longer news that over 65% of graduates of Nigerian Public Institutions of higher learning are unemployable! There is a total disconnect between what the institutions churn out and what employers want/need to be competitive in an ever changing world.



- 4+ Years to get a Degree
- Nearly 50% of students who enroll fail to graduate
- Poor Academic curriculum and presentations makes most graduates unemployable
- No Job guaranties after graduation as most employers seek experience.



- Thousands Apply for each position
- Each bad hire can cost N100, 000 or more
- Increased Churn 
- Therefore only hire candidates who have Job experiences
- No chance for Entry Level Jobs.

Certificates Competence

Effecting a Revolutionary Shift

We are changing the dynamics from Degree based to Skill/Competency Based Hiring by studying the needs of the Hiring industry

Peculiarities Contributing to the Skills Gap
and Jeopardizing the Future of Work

Over 100 Million Naira

Educational financing is a major cause of loan debt by households. These numbers have grown almost 1,000% in the past 10 years.

Nearly 30%

Of all students who undertake degree programs fail to complete (and many drop out with debt – the worst of both worlds).

40% - 50%

Of fresh graduates are underemployed. If they’re underemployed in their first job, ⅔ of the time they’ll be underemployed five years later, and ½ the time they’ll be underemployed a decade later.

ONLY 40%

Nigerian jobs still don’t require significant digital skills; nearly 100 million do.


Open positions require coding skills. More than 300,000 open positions call for Salesforce skills.


Of 16-19 year-olds seek summer jobs, down from nearly 70% a generation ago. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts teen workforce participation will drop below 27% by 2024.

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