About us

ReadyHire is your total human resources service provider. We offer businesses a full range of specialized staffing and consulting solutions. We also help candidates find career opportunities where they can fit and thrive. Our services cut across but are not limited to the following areas and specialties HR Advisory Services, Manpower supply and Recruitment, HR support for SMEs, Expatriate Management, Statutory contribution Management and Employee Background checks.

ReadyHire provides tailored & scalable solutions to organizations that are experiencing growth, change or HR related problems. We partner with organizations to provide on demand solutions that help save time, money and internal resources.

As the HR management evolution rapidly changes business landscapes and the traditional responsibilities of Human Resources, ReadyHire continues to provide cutting edge solutions & hands-on expertise. We pride ourselves in providing businesses with the qualified employees necessary for their success we search, research and recruit the highest standard of applicants to match job descriptions and help job seekers find the best match for their skills.

ReadyHire provides comprehensive staffing solutions that allow you to hire with confidence. Our staffing experts have years of experience matching qualified candidates with jobs that match their skill level, personality type and drive. Find out more by visiting our prestigious and dedicated job board www.worknigeria.com to find out more about how we can meet your Hiring or Employment needs.

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