Our Strategies

You: Give us an overview of your event needs and measures of success, which may include: the number of confirmed applicants who attend the event, applicants moved to a second interview, hires made, etc.

ReadyHire: Develops a strategic plan that provides you with the support you need to achieve your event goals.

You: Tell us what qualifications and characteristics are important for you to fill your open positions.

ReadyHire: Combines your feedback with our 12 years of experience in helping employers find right-fit employees and develops a persona of your desired candidate to help guide our recruitment efforts. 

You: Focus on running your business while we handle recruiting top candidates for your open positions.

ReadyHire: Reaches into our community of more than 5 million registered job seekers, conducts targeted outreach to qualified candidates and builds an interview schedule full of potential top performers.

You: Come to the event ready to engage with candidates and either move the best suited to the next interview or hire them on the spot.

ReadyHire: Provides support to ensure your hiring event is a success.

Cost Effective High Volume Hiring

The ReadyHire approach takes a strategic look at your high-volume hiring needs, develops a recruiting plan to achieve your goals, and serves up an event full of qualified applicants so you can fill 5, 50, 500 or more positions
in about a day. 

Who we seek to work with

ReadyHire invests in sectors where the supply of talent does not meet demand and is inhibiting growth and partners with established platform companies with a strong base of clients.

What We Believe

Create Opportunities for Nigerian

The skills gap is a social crisis that has closed off opportunity for tens of millions of Nigerians

Let Think Tanks Debate future of Work

However technology changes work, it is urgent that we enhance Nigeria’s retraining and upskilling capabilities. In this respect, the future of work is now.

Scalable Model to Close Nigeria's Skill Gaps

We have identified a scalable model for closing Nigeria’s skills gap, which can be leveraged to supercharge portfolio company growth and achieve above-market returns.

Talent is evenly distributed but Opportunity is not

We will put 100,000 Nigerians into good first jobs, demonstrate the scalability of Employer-Down pathways, and change the paradigm for workforce development from an education-centric to employer-centric model.

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